How to get to us!

To get to the area, just say to the taxi driver "International Hotel." Just those 2 words will get you in the area.
ALL taxi drivers know the International Hotel in ENGLISH.
When you leave the taxi, just WALK STRAIGHT the same direction as the cars,
as it is a one way street. Walk straight about 3 minutes.
On your left side is a GS25 Mart.

That is the entrance to the IP Bar. Just go to the elevators and get off on the 3rd Floor. We are on the left side, opposite the toilets.

OR you could just show the taxi driver the following address, as it takes you to the exact building.
경남 창원시 성산구 중앙동 100-4번지 서광오피스텔 313호.
Then go to the 3rd Floor.